Cross-Country Flags,Course Markers and Fence Numbers

Abbeylawn stock a wide range of cross-country flags and  fence markers and numbers to suit new rules with plastic poles and clips

After the Changes in BE regulations we have altered our range to suit, but also trying to make sure that your existing range of Abbeylawn products will still “Fit” the New Cross-Country  poles,for the Cross-Country Flags to sit on .

The New pole has at the top the same adapter (A) as when we first launched the range (which has no sharp points), however at the bottom of the pole there is a smooth cap (B). When fixing this to the pole we advise using 1 or 2 of our pole retainers – so that If this pole is impacted it will pop off the fence without damaging the horse/rider/spectator.The cross-country flags just sit down over the poles .

We are offering 4 different lengths for this Pole – Mainly due to the enforce change to our Flag design and the need to sleeve the flag over the pole, as such 250mm has been lost on the overall height of the pole and flag – for instance if you require for your course 10 extra poles and you already have our 1.75m event/uni poles and our old style flags then to match the heights up, we would suggest taking the 2.00m poles andusing the New cross-country Flags then the overall height of the Poles will be the same.

Specification:- Through the cross section these poles measure 35mm by 35mm with a 10mm radius on the corner. Made from a UPVC material they are designed if sufficient force is placed on them to buckle.

Packed in 10’s                                                                                       

The set of 10 cross-country Poles is €95.00 or €9.50 each

You may also need the pole retainers for to go on the fences 

these are €18.00 for a pack of 10


Cross-country Flags

Further to the changes in Course Marking that applies to British Eventing we have redeveloped our most popular Flag which is now moulded. The key design features of this flag were to be backwardly compatible with the old range of products, safely break if a horse impacted one of these and not to have any sharp points on them. Whilst maintaining all of the design requisites of the previous design, cost functionality and aesthetics.

This New Cross-Country Flags however does has a change to the old cross-country flags in that there is spike to slot into the adaptor at the end of our poles, because of the BE change the only way to get around this method of fixing the flag to the pole is to sleeve it on, over the adaptor. This does reduce the overall height of the pole and the flag by around 250mm (9 1/2″) so we are offering a new height of pole so that subsequent purchase of poles can match your existing stock.

If you are looking at a volume of these why not achieve extra discount by purchasing our packs of 10 White and 10 Red cross-country Flags

Dimensions:- 280 mm (L) x 195 mm (W) x 45 mm (D) 
Colour:- White and Red
The flags are €4.50 each including vat 







Cross-Country Fence Numbers

The complete set of Numbers from 1- 25 and 5 X  letters  A , 5  X   Letter B and  3 X Letter C       a  START and  a FINISH sign

The full set is €199.00 incl vat


Cross country numbers

Yellow Cross country numbers

Cross country numbers

Cross country number











The Markers are available in Red , Yellow and Green

Dimensions:- 250 mm (L) x 180 mm (H) x 18 mm (Thick )

The Numbers are attached with an elastic band to the post

Spare bands are €5.50 for a pack of 10

Cross country numbers

Cross country numbers.


This Number  features include a location notch for the vertical and horizontal so that location on to the Pole is even easier. The method of holding the Course Marker on to the Pole is with a toughened elastic band with multiple location points so that the Course Marker doesn’t move in the worst weather conditions.


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