Durapost Fencing posts for sale.

Abbeylawn stock a range of Durapost fencing posts in a range of colours. Including Green, Grey and Brown.

These posts are very easy to use compared to concrete post and can be fitted by one person on their own unlike concrete posts .

The Durapost posts works the same as concrete posts with a H shape that the panels slide into but is a lot lighter and one person can do the job.

• Made from 2.5mm rolled galvanised steel.

•The  Powder coating comes in 3 colours  Anthracite Grey, Olive Grey and Brown.

• Available in lengths of 2.4m, and  3m,  which makes  it suitable for higher fencing solutions.

• Conforms to BS EN 1794-1:2018 design standards.

• The Static load tested on the posts is up to 1100kg

• Galvanised steel and powder coated in a range of colours.

The 2.4 m long posts in all colours are €35 each.