Plastic Jump Blocks  special offer €44.00 each

These are ideal for starting out jumping .

They turn 3 different ways for 3 different heights

Plastic Jump Wings

The Uprights / single jump stands are €65.00 each

Special offer on Plastic Jump Wings and uprights

And  €75.00 complete with galvanized jump strips 

The standard plastic Wings are €150.00 each


Plastic Poles

We also have the  Stepped plastic jump Blocks for €65.00 each

The Standard Jump Blocks are €44.00 Each

For more details please ring us on 0402 34703



Plastic Standard Wings

This wing can be used in the normal way or with cups on both sides to create a small spread or parallel
. Jumping height in 10cm graduations up to 1.7m marked on both sides of wing.
For use with hexagonal cups.
PRICE €180.00 EACH

We also supply the steel type Show Jumping markers and Dressage Markers.

This is the Steel option and come in a set of     1-12 and cost                   €95.00 per set 

start and Finish are €25 extra

The Dressage letters are  €75.00 per set 

Please ring us for full details 0402 34703

Plastic Jump Poles


Five band, two colour pole made from 4mm thick coloured polyethylene. Won’t crack or split even in low temperatures. PRICE €59.00 EACH

Plastic Jump Cups

For use with keyhole track.

Can be used on plastic , aluminium or galvanized keyhole tracks 

( some of the very old tracks have a small hole and the new cups do not fit in them )


plastic safety attachment €5.00 each


The Galvanized Strips Key Hole Strips are €11.00 each

Plastic Jump Cups

Show Jumping Numbers and Dressage markers in plastic.

Our Show Jump Numbers markers are the natural progression in design from the Elite markers. With our design based on practicality and strength the Summit markers are easy to carry, sturdy for any ground conditions and easy to clean and maintain.

Dimensions:- 505 mm (H) x 313 mm (W) x 40 mm (D)
Colour:- White
Weight:- 0.412 kg

Our set of numbers come in a easy to carry set of numbers 1 – 12 with 2 x A and 1 of B and 1x C and are €180.00 incl vat.

Extra numbers  and letters are €10.00 each.

Steel Markers

We also supply the steel jump numbers.

These are €100 for the set of numbers 1 – 12

Extra numbers and start and finish are €10.00 each