Garden Sheds For Sale

Abbeylawn have a full range of other shed sizes and types to choose from .

The 5 different types of timber sheds are in the 5 pictures below. Rustic, Delux, Pressure treated, Pressure treated Rustic , Delux and Pressure treated Barrel Board. Ring us or email us for a full price list .

Standard Rustic Garden Shed 

The Rustic shed is made from native timber and the side frame is 35 x 35 at 18″ centres. The boards on the outside overlap each other ,these boards are aprox. 10 mm thick .the floor and roof boards are 16 mm thick and are butted together.We use the tear resistant green mineral roofing felt as standard on our sheds.

The 8×6 comes with the door on the 6′ gable end and a window on the 8′ side as standard. But can be made different ways if sorted when ordering.

8x6 Rustic Standard

Budget Light Rustic Garden Shed 

This shed we have designed to compete with the cheaper light garden sheds available on the market. The Light Rustic shed is made from native timber and the side frame is 35 x 35 at 18″ centres. The boards on the outside overlap each other ,these boards are aprox. 8 mm thick .the floor and roof boards are 16 mm thick and are butted together the same as the standard rustic.We use the tear resistant green mineral roofing felt as standard on our sheds.

This shed is the same to look at as the standard rustic but has lighter timber.We do this shed as a budget option but we would recommend the standard rustic. there is €40 less on the the price with prices starting from €300 for a flat pack collected from our yard.

8x6 Rustic Standard

Pressure Treated Rustic Garden Shed Option

The Rustic shed pressure treated is an option for €25.00 extra on the price of the standard rustic garden shed  price.Also if you want lined with a membrane called Tyvek on the inside to stop dampness it is an extra €40.00 on the 8×6 or under.

6 x 8 Rustic Standard

The 6×8 garden shed is different from the 8×6 in that the door and the 2 windows are on the 8′ gable rather than the 6′ gable like on the 8×6 garden shed .

This shed will fit into areas in some cases better than the 8×6 as it will only come forward the 6′ .And also looks great .This shed comes in the Rustic , Delux and the barrel board finishes.It is about €40 extra over the 8×6 sheds.

ABBEYLAWN GARDEN SHEDS are nailed not stapled they feature Tough glass, which is a new safety feature they also come with Galvanised hardware, heavy duty felt and Tongued and grooved doors.
Our Deluxe sheds are constructed from kiln dried planed weather sheeting. All Pressure Treated and Barrel board Sheds are lined with Pro-T on side walls.

Box Profile roof an optional extra

A box profile steel roof can be fitted to any shed .This shed is a pressure treated 8×6 rustic.This roof is a great job and will last a life time and will not leak. The steel is fitted on top of the timber roof and has a membrane between to stop condensation,This leaves your shed much warmer.And will not have condensation under the steel roof.

16 x 8 Deluxe Felt Roof

This is the Delux type timber shed.The timber is imported kilin dried pine .The side timber is called weather board which is an overlapping type of T&G. The timber is machine finish from 7×1″ timber ,This gives it a smooth finish. The Floor and roof are 6×1 ”  T&G  Board. This shed is not damp inside and can be used to store most household ithems

This is the inside of our delux shed

  • The floor is 6×1″ T&G
  • The Frame timber is 35mm x35mm
  • The frame timber is at 16″ centres (most other companies have 24″ centres )

This picture shows the roof and side walls of the delux sheds

  • The roof is 6×1″ T&G again
  • the roof batons are also good and strong

Quality Timber used in our Deluxe Sheds

Abbeylawn use 7″ x 1″ thick imported kiln dried quality timber in our deluxe sheds.The picture to the right shows the size of the timber abbeylawn use in the deluxe sheds this is a 22 mm board machine finished down to 19mm.The smaller board is the 12 mm board used in a lot of the cheap sheds being sold in Ireland as delux sheds, making people think they are getting a bargain ,but really they are getting HALF the amount of timber .Also Abbeylawn use 6×1″ T&G  in the floor and roof of the deluxe sheds ,NOT OSB or chipboard like used in the cheap sheds

All our sheds are made in Ireland with quality timber and not imported cheap sheds.

For to see the difference in quality and see the difference in what you are buying ,It is worth calling to see our range of timber and steel sheds on display in our Show Yard.

Call us on 0402 34703 and We will explain all the options available to you!

Barrel Board Sheds

Barrel Board Sheds and Pressure Treated Weather Board.

This shed is made from Kiln Dried Timber and Pressure treated
The sides are made from 5 X 1 Barrel Board. There is also a membrane (TyVEK ) on the inside of the timber that stops dampness.
The floor and roof are made from T&G timber like the Deluxe


This is a 10×8 barrel board shed with 2 windows to the front and a 12″ overhang on the roof

The 8×6 Barrel Board Lodge type shed

This shed is ideal for a play house or just a storage shed that you want  to look well in your garden .We make this shed in all sizes and timber types ,

This is a 10×8 barrel board shed with 2 windows to the front and a 12″ overhang on the roof

8×6 Barrel Board LODGE Shed with windows to front and stable door

12×8 Delux Pressure treated Weather board garden shed with steel roof.

This is the inside of the pressure treated timber sheds

The walls are lined with tyvek which is a membrane that stops dampness coming true the sides

The floor and roof are 6×1″ T&G timber

Inside one of our pressure treated delux or Barrel boards sheds ,Lined with Tyvek as standard..

Cabin Garden Sheds

Cabin Garden Sheds or flat roof garden sheds.

We make a wide  range of cabin type garden sheds with a single pitch roof sloping to the side or back.This can allow the water from the roof to go too one side or the other.If you want the rain water away from a house or a wall. It is also easier for to collect the water if you are putting a gutter on the shed and collecting for to water your garden.

We can also use a steel box profile roof on these sheds which will last a lifetime and will never leak.

All our flat roof garden sheds are made to suit your requirements.


These sheds have many uses including being used for a Shop or a Ticket kiosk.

Our Sheds are in use in lots of places being used as shops in open farms and other tourist spots all over the country.and are also ideal for ticket sales and they can be easily move around on a forklift to different sites.

Timber Garden Sheds being used for Marshals Posts in Mondello Park for Car Pacing.

These sheds were fitted in Mondello Park for the 2014 Season and were a great success. The glass used in them is Apet Light and will not break when stones hit them. This also leaves lots of visibility all round .

A Home Office is great option for People now.

With renting office space now so expensive a home office is the answer for a lot of people who can work from home. We can design and make any size of building to suit your needs.

10 x 8 Deluxe Chalet

The Delux Chalet

This is a shed that is a useful storage shed

And also a nice centre piece for any garden It comes with a 4′ varanda on the front with window boxes on the windows each side of the door



8 x 6 Rustic Lodge


the floor and roof is made from 16mm boards butted together

Timber Garden Sheds With Steel Roof

Timber Garden sheds With Steel Roof

All Our Timber Garden Sheds have an option of putting a steel box profile roof over the timber and felt roof on the shed. With the steel roof on your shed it is a life time job that will not leak

And also it has all the advantages of the timber shed in that it is warm and keeps in the heat and keeps out the cold and still will not have condensation on the inside

Small PlayHouse 4×4 flat pack €280.

Small Playhouses and Large Playhouses.

This is an ideal small playhouse for small children . It is made from imported kiln dried T&G timber  The shed is 4’x4′ and has a small varanda in front. If you have a very small garden or just a deck area ,This playhouse will do the job for you .it does not take up much space and still gives your child their own space .The glass in the windows is Toughened Safety Glass . We have a range of other options in small playhouse s. We can supply from our yard flat pack for  for €280.00. Or please ring us for a price supplied and fitted or for a delivered nationwide price.

Special; Offer for Christmas .

For playhouses ordered before 12/12/2015.

Flat pack collectedfrom our yard €240.00.

Delivered flat pack nationwide €300.00.

For more information plaese ring us on 0402 34703.

The Small tree house.

This is the Small tree house. Like our small playhouse this tree house will fit in most gardens . It is designed for a small garden and for young children .It is not concreted in the ground ,Instead it sits on a patio or deck or even on a hardcore yard . The shed is about 30″ high off the ground and has steps up to the varenda.

The shed is 6’x4′ and the varanda is 30″ deep .The sizes can be made to suit you and the steps can be to the front or the side as long as we know before making.

Click on the picture of the tree house to see more tree houses 

We are doing a special offer  price on the tree house for christmas for orders before the 15/12/2015

Flat pack collected €500.00 Fitted (leinster  )     €600.00

We also do a full range of other play houses and tree houses.  For more details ring us on 0402 34703.

Or call and see options.

We can Make a small playhouse or large tree house  or den  any size to suit you.

Potting Shed

Potting Sheds for Sale.

This is ideal for the person that wants a potting shed and still wants storage .The sides are 7 x 1 weather board And APET LITE  is used instead of glass.This is unbreakable and will not dis-colour. We can also make to your needs so it does not have to be the same size or design as this model.

This Potting sheds have a shelf under the window as standard for your plants and seeds to get the best light.This shed is available   in most sizes so will suit most gardens.

Lawnmower Sheds

The Lawnmower Shed.

This shed is designed for to put your Lawnmower or Quad in the back of the shed true the double doors at the back.

This means the lawnmower has its own space and is not stuck in front of the door as you go in .

And you still have your normal door for bikes, garden furniture and paint .

 This shed can be made in any size to suit you.

The Lawnmower Shed.

The Barrel Board shed with double doors on the side ,And a standard door on the gable end .This shed also has a slate roof fitted that matched into the house beside it .This is not normal but nothing is impossible for us.There is Nothing  that is impossible if you try .We can make this shed to suit the area that you are putting the shed ,And can be made in any size .

A Box profile steel roof is a great option on this shed ,As it will last a life time and does not need replacing .

Corner Garden Sheds

The Corner Entry Garden Sheds.

These Garden Sheds will look great in any garden.But especially in a corner .

It does reduce the size of the shed inside.But we can make in a range of different sizes and heights to suit you.The shed in the picture is 8 x 8 and can be made with windows or doors to your specification.

This shed comes standard with a felt roof but can also have a steel box profile roof on top of the timber and felt roof .So you will have a lifetime job with no repairs to felt.

Timber Sheds Dublin

Quality Timber Sheds

Abbeylawn supply and fit a wide range of quality Timber Sheds for sale, In a wide range of styles and sizes to suit everybody .All Abbeylawn Garden Sheds are made with top quality timber and put together using galvanise nails with galvanised hinges and bolts.

Abbeylawn was started in March 1995 and have built a strong business in the garden shed market . And also in a wide range of other garden products including picnic bench’s, dog sheds or dog kennels, rubber stable mats and  playground mats. .

The garden fencing is another big part of our business over the years, And we have built a good name for ourselves in this area with a lot of people that will recommend us to a friend.

In our Pressure treated timber sheds, we have a membrane on the inside to stop dampness. The pressure treated garden sheds come in all types of finish including the rustic, the Deluxe and the barrel board. You can also paint over the timber with most colours to get the look that you want .