Cat Houses and Catteries

Cat Houses and Catteries made to order

Abbeylawn make Catteries and cat houses to suit all your needs. We can build a house and ruin to your specifations, including insulating and lining. We normally make the cat houses with the delux type timber which is 7″x1″ weather board on the sides and a T&G floor and roof. Most of our Catteries have a corridor on the outside which acts as a safety to stop cats from getting past you when you open the door.This means even if they get out past you they are still in the corridor and also you are inside in the shed feeding them or doing other work.

A felt roof is standard on the cat houses but we also have other options including the steel box profile roof, which is a life time job and no leaks .We also have a timber roof under the steel for to keep warmer. We can put cat flaps or small doors out to the runs which you can close off if you want to.

The runs on the outside are mostly made from Timber with 1″ mesh wire on it, but we can also use heave weld mesh if you want for extra security. It can even be a steel frame also.

Cat Houses