Preparation for a new shed after ordering.

When you order your new shed .Now The first thing you will need is 4″ solid concrete blocks to go under the shed.For up to an 8 x 6 shed you will need 9 blocks.For a 10; and 12′ shed you need 12 blocks. 14′ and 16′ sheds need 15-18 blocks  and for bigger sheds more blocks please check with office for the numbers on these sheds. If the ground is on a slope you will need extra blocks to get the shed level. If you are in doubt please check with us or send a picture of where the shed is going.If the garden rises as you go back in the garden and it needs extra blocks to level it it will be higher off the ground where the door is. The lads fitting the shed do not dig or level the garden ,They will just put the shed on the blocks to get it level.

We do not bring the concrete blocks. 

What is the access to your house like .

Do you have a side entrance to get the shed into your garden. Is there a height restriction on this entrance. If so it could be a problem getting the shed in. OR maybe the shed has to go true the house if you have no side entrance. If you any of these thing apply please let us know before hand to get it sorted. Sometimes we can get in true a next door garden and put the shed over the wall or fence.

Have you got the right shed ordered to suit your needs.

A rustic shed is the basic shed and can be damp after rain but a good coat of paint applied a few weeks after fitting will help to seal the shed . If you are after a better quality shed it might be better to go for a Delux type timber shed as the timber is thicker and better sealed.

Another option is a steel roof .Felt will only last a few years and needs to be replaced. The steel is a life time job and will not leak. This can be added to any shed even at a later stage.

If you have bought a paint finish basic steel shed.

The only difference is it can have scratches in the paint which can not be avoided . The PVC coated is the best option and does not scratch the same.

Timber garden shed Maintance.

We recommend painting your shed after about 3-4 weeks from fitting

The first coat of Ronseal Fence life will have soaked into the timber by then.You will need the shed to be dry before you paint it or it will not go into the timber. The shed comes out painted with ronseal Fence life colour is Medium Oak. The second coat of ronseal will help to seal the timber to stop the damp coming true it on a rustic shed .

The Felt roof on the shed will last for about 4-5 years and may need to be replaced at this stage. It is advisable to check your roof now and again for signs of a leak or dampness. With this in Mind when you are ordering your shed we recommend a steel roof over the original roof . This can also be added at a later stage.

All sheds are erected on concrete blocks which need to be on site for us to fit the shed on ,We do not supply the blocks. The lads also use small timber packers on top of the blocks to get the shed level.