Heavy Duty Composite fencing panels.

This is our heavy duty composite fencing panels . They come in 3 colours ,Natural timber colour , Slate Grey and brown.

The big difference in this panel and other composite panels is that ours is 50 mm thick ( most other panels are 22 mm)

These panels are easy to fit as they are 6′ long and 12″ high ( 1.850 mm x 300 mm )

The big advantage of the composite fence is it is easy maintain and will not rot.

It is very easy to fit

The fence can be fitted on the Steel PVC coated DURA POST or in the standard concrete posts.


Composite panels can replace timber panels in existing fence.

IT is very easy to replace existing timber panels with these composite panels . They are reasonable light for to lift in and interlock together are you stack them in . So it can even be done by one person which will save you a cost of getting in somebody to fit them. We can also fit them if required ) 

The induvial boards 12″ high are €46.00 each (In pine )  All other colours €50.60

Duraposts 8′ long in Green ,Brown and grey are €38.50 each

Durapost Caps – €5.50 each

Concrete posts 8′ are €24 each

Grey Concrete Posts 8′ are €30.00 each

Top and bottom rail ONLY needed if fitting vertical €71.50 for the pair 

Composite fence panels.

The wood effect composite panel.

The Composite fencing pictured above can be used as a complete fence or as a replacement for timber panels in concrete posts.

Each board is 6’ long and 6” high and 1” thick .They come with a rib on one side and are smooth on the other side

They  are  €15 each.

These are very light and easy to handle.

If being fitted in a concrete post there is an Composite U strip the goes onto the post to hold the boards in place. These strips are €25 for the pair.

There is also a top and bottom strip to finish off the top of the boards

These are €20 for the pair

If going for a full new fence the steel dura posts is ideal.It is light and easy to handle and still very strong.

8′ dura post is €35 each 

Concrete posts can also be used and a gravel board under .

We have the normal concrete post and gravel boards ,But we also have a grey coloured post and gravel board that is similar to the grey panels.