Timber Panels for sale

All sizes and types of Garden Fencing Panels for sale.

This is just a small selection of the timber panels for sale available from our yard ready for collection or delivery please ring us on 0402 34703 for more details.

Please note ,All our fencing panels are 1.8 mtr long as standard and not 72″ .

Please check the length of your old panels if replacing fence panels as some of the old panels would be the old size of 72″ long. We will still call the panels for example 6′ x 5′ but in fact they are 1.8 x 1.5 mtr .


Double sided Picket Pointed top.
Double sided Picket Pointed top.
Fencing Panels
Douglas Fir railway sleepers fitted in steel posts.
double picket flat top
double picket flat top
Timber Panels
Double sided Rib picket Arch top 25 boards.
double picket flat top
Weather Board Panel Single sided.

Some of the fencing panels for sale

All abbeylawns fencing panels are pressure treated to stop rotting, and are made strong to last. The Double picket panels and the solid picket panels are made with 16 mm boards on 3  3″x1.5″ batons on the back. We can make the panels to suit you if you do not see what you want here.

We make all the fencing panels in our yard so nothing is a problem if you want something different made .We can even make timber fencing panels up to 8′ high .We also have a full range of concrete posts and gravel boards in stock Available in a wide range of sizes   .

The full range of fencing panels

We have  a full range of sample panels on display in our yard to view and we are only about 1 hour from Dublin in south Co. Wicklow.If you do not see what you want and have a picture of it we will make it up for you .

Timber fencing panels.Yorkshire board

Yorkshire Board fencing panels.

These fencing panels are a new design and is solid with no gaps between the boards.The upright boards are 95 x 16 mm thick and are spaced with a 2″ gap on top of a 75 x 32 mm baton.Then another row of boards are placed on top of the first boards to cover the gaps and have an overlap.

This leaves a solid and strong panel that looks very well .

Again the timber is pressure treated

Yorkshire board

The back of the panel looks the same except there is 3 batons running across the panels .The top of the panel is flat with a small cap running across it.All the timber used in these fencing panels is pressure treated.These fencing panels can be used with a timber post but we would recommend the concrete posts and a gravel board under the panel.

It is a great panel to put joining a ditch or hedge as the weeds and branches will no grow true the fence.

Solid Single side flat top fencing panels.

This is also another solid timber fencing panel that is solid.It uses the same timber but the boards are placed tight together. These boards can leave small gaps between the boards when they dry out in the summer.

We also do a double sided version of this fence that will look the same from both sides which is ideal when two people are sharing the fence .Both sides will be the same.This panel is also recommended for use in concrete posts with a gravel board under.

Picket Fencing panels In Concrete Posts

Concrete Post and Double Picket fencing panels

Heavy Duty Double Picket fencing panel  in Concrete Post and and Gravel Boards under .

The Double Picket Fencing panels are probably one of the best timber panels that you can get  .

The Double picket fencing panel is the same on both sides so if going between 2 gardens both gardens have the same fence .

Picket Fencing

Double picket fencing panels

Another advantage is the wind can get true the panels so is suited to windy areas , And can be fitted in the concrete posts or nailed on the timber posts .

The timber is pressure treated and comes in a light green finish, Which can be painted over after about 2 weeks, From the time of being fitted .The Boards in the panels are 95 x16 mm with    3   75×32 mm braces or batons  for the frame of the panel.

The Best part about this panel is the price ,This panel is the best value for money and with price’s from €30.00 per panel plus vat , You will have a panel that will last for at least 15 year when fitted in the concrete posts and the gravel board under it.

Picket fencing panels will always blend in to match with most hoses and gardens .

We have a full display of our fencing panels on our show yard .If you call to the yard you will get a better idea of what you are looking at .

Flat Top Double Picket.

This panel is the same as the double picket except for the top being flat

It is the same price as the pointed picket panel.

Flat top Solid Picket fencing Panels.

This is a solid panel with no gaps in the boards .Made with the same boards as the double picket but the boards are tight together.There can be a small gap between the boards when the timber dries out. But if you go with double sided there will be no gaps.

Fencing for sale

Double Sided Rib Picket Fencing for sale

This panel has all the advantages of the double picket .

But Have the advantage of a ribbed finish that looks smoother.

We can also do a closer space than the normal 2″ space.

This panel is ideal in a concrete post and will look great for years to come .

All the timber is pressure treated for longer life .

The frame on the back is 3″ x1.5″ and has 3 battons for extra strength .

The front boards are 16mm thick and are machine finished with a small rib true it.

Fencing Supplied and fitted

Abbeylawn can supply and fit any of our fencing panels in timber posts or in concrete posts .We dig out the holes in the garden by hand with a bar and spade ,So we do not make a big mess bringing in a digger to dig holes . We then fit the post in the hole and fill back around the post with concrete mixed on site.In most cases we do not need to see the garden ,What you can tell us over the phone will do us for to price a job. Or even if you want to send us a picture of the area we can see what you want .

We have a full display in our show yard that you can call and see .All the different types of fencing are on display to see .

Double Sided Rib Arch Top Picket fencing

Double Side Arch Top Picket fencing

Picket fencing panels are available in a range of  heights from 2′ up to 6′ high.This panel is most suitable on level ground so the arch is level. The gaps in the boards can be spaced smaller if required.

The boards on this panel are machine finished with a rib like a small rib on a decking board.This also takes the plane look off the board and the rough looking finish.

Each board is round on the top and  then formed in an arch to make this panel really stand out from the rest.

The concrete post and the gravel board under make a great job .The gravel board keeps the timber panel up off the ground away from the wet .

We can supply and fit this fencing in a range of sizes to suit your needs .Our fencing fitters are very good and will try to work away without you knowing they are there as much as possible.

Timber Panels

Weather Board Fencing Panel in Concrete Posts

Weather Board Fencing Panel panel in concrete posts.

This is a very nice looking fence that will finish of any garden.

The boards used in the panel are 7×1″ weather board the same type as is used to make a delux garden shed.

The timber is imported kilin dried timber and then pressure treated for a long life .

double picket flat top

Abbeylawn can Supply only or supply and fit your  fencing.

Abbeylawn can supply and fit a fence in your garden in most cases finished in 1 day.

and even take down your old fence and dispose of it. The standard panels is single sided with the frame showing on the back.We can also do the same fencing shown on both sides so double sided. All our fencing panels are pressure treated for longer lasting.

Timber fencing will last years longer when fitted in concrete posts with the concrete gravel boards under the panel .This will keep the panel off the ground and will stop the timber from rotting.

Call to our show yard and see our full range of fencing panels ,And then you can see the difference between the timber panels .Then decide for yourself the panel that will suit you.

Barrell Board Fencing Panels

Barrel Board fencing  panels. This fencing panel and be fitted in concrete posts and gravel boards or on Timber posts . The Barrel Board panels a re normally single sided but can be done double sided to leave the same look on both sides

The Timber sheeting used on the front is imported timber and is kiln dried. All the timber pressure treated in a light green colour and does not need painting , But can be painted to almost any colour after going up ,

We recommend not painting the panels for about 3 weeks after fitting to allow the timber to dry out evenly.

These fencing panels can be fitted in concrete posts.

Fencing Panels

Double Picket Fencing

Hit and Miss Fencing

Heavy Shiplap Pressure Treated Brown

Double Picket Sloped Panel

Solid Arch Top Rib Board

6 x 6 Arch Panels Trellis Top

This is the arch panel trellis top and can be fitted on timber posts or in concrete posts. The trellis is also made in a diamond and 2″ space ,The bottom of the panels has boards going across the panel and looks the same from both sides .


Solid Flat top Picket with Arch Trellis 2″ space.

This panel is like the panel above but done with an arch trellis on top.

The panels can be made in heights to suit you.

6 x 5 – Double Picket in Concrete Post + Gravel Board

The panel on the Left  is a cheaper option than the arch trellis and is also heavier . The bottom panel under the trellis is solid boards and are 16 mm thick .This panel can also be made double sided if going between two people .

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Yorkshire Board Fence panels

Yorkshire panels Back View
Yorkshire panels Back view


Yorkshire Board panel
Yorkshire Board panel

Yorkshire Board panel
Yorkshire Board panel