Rubber Stable Mats

Rubber stable mats are ideal on stable floors especially for horses that are stabled most of the time ,

The rubber stable mats both softens the hard concrete floor and is warmer for horses lying down. It also means you need less bedding under the horse.

This also saves on bedding costs as the mats keep the shavings up off the floor and the water can run under the mats. The mats have a dimpled top to stop them from slipping. and a ribbed under side to allow water to run out of stable.

By reducing the amount of shavings you have to put under the horses,

this also reduces the amount of dung to get rid of.

The mats are 6′ x 4′ and are 18mm thick.

For a 12×12 stable you will need 6 mats.Stable Mats

Stable mats – Rubber stable mats for sale at unbeatable prices .

Stable Mats on special offer for €42.00 each.

The rubber stable mats are  6’x4′ and 18mm thick.

The rubber stable mats will cut down on the amount of bedding you require in the stables. And also the amount of time lost on cleaning out stables.But the best reason for to fit mats is, That horses on rubber stable mats do not have soar legs standing on concrete floors for long lengths of time .Or cutting themselves on the floor getting up.

These rubber mats have a wide range of uses, And are being used on the floor of GYMS and in Dog Sheds and cattle sheds and much more .

The rubber stable mats are very easy to fit ,A sharp knife will cut the mats to fit the size stable you have .The ideal way to fit the mats is to put the dimple side up and the rib side down ,So the water can escape out under the mats .

It is better if you have a slope on the floor of the stable so rthe water does not sit under the mats and cause a smell .

These mats are also used in gyms.

Delivery can be arranged all over Ireland at an extra cost.

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Specification for rubber stable mats.

The rib on the bottom of the stable mats allow the water to run under the mats out the door or out the drain at the back of your stable .This will also help to make your bedding last longer .The dimple on the top of the mats are for grip when a horse is getting up ,And to stop them from slipping .

Horse Walker Mats

Horse walker mats supplied and fitted in a day.

Horse walker mats are a great option for your horse walker over sand or wood chip.You will not have the same dirt around the walker or as big of a job when you arre cleaning out the walker.

Advantages to To using rubber tiles on walkers.

  • 390mm x 390mm x 25mm Jigsaw  interlocking Tile.
  • Made from 100% natural rubber.
  • Interlocking method meanes no glues or fixings are required.
  • Non slip surface ensures horses don’t slip or fall.
  • there is grip on the mats without being to much and causing a horse to twist on the walker.
  • The rubber is soft on  horses joints & tendons.

The walker mats are also easy to keep clean with low maintenance. These mats are a lot easier fitted than the bone type mats and  will not move or wear the same.

Abbeylawn can either supply or supply and fit if needed .

For more information please ring us on 0402 34703.or call to our yard and see the options.

We also have a wide range of other rubber mats that can also be used on walkers.