Dressage Markers / Letters

We have refined our Dressage markers to be more stable, durable and aesthetically pleasing while keeping practicality and transport key to our design.

The Summit Markers or Dressage are injection moulded to fit straight onto the carry case and ultra sonically welded to strengthen, reducing the need for rivets or rust. Each marker is 450 mm in height and a width of 324 mm weighing in at 0.411gm each and a set of 12 at just  6 kg.

With a balanced weight through the centre handle you will find this design practical to carry and store, easy to clean.

The set of 8 markers are €100.00

set of 12 incl RSVP             €140.00

and come  with optional carrier for an extra €30  . 


Dressage Marker for to go on Fence or Walls around arena.

These dressage Markers are a great option for fixing to the walls or fence of a permanent arena. Just screw the boards to the fence or the walls of the school in the correct position. They are easy to attach, They are very strong in  and as they are made from polypropylene can be simply wiped clean if they get dirty.

Set of 8 A,B,C,E,F,H,K,M                          €40.00

Set of 12 including R S V P                      €55.00

The Letters come loose ,the carrier box is €30 extra per box 


Dressage Arena Boards


These arena boards are produced to a standard length of 2 m and measure 150 mm (6″) in height, they are manufactured from polypropylene. This is a material which is very resilient to impact, UV stable, lightweight and easy to wipe clean.


This unique design of these boards they can be used on all surfaces with the added security of having a back flange with holes, allowing pegs to be used if necessary in windy conditions. The design makes use of the material properties to withstand impact. The boards will flex before returning to the original shape.

For a 40 x 20 m you will need 60 Arena Boards to do the full area around the outside. You can do a broken outside line marking the corners and the middle and the gate in. This will take 17 boards you can also add extra boards to fill the gaps by placing 1 board and miss i space .

For this you would need about 40 arena boards.

The Arena  Boards 2.0 m long ar €25 each 

Corner Dressage Markers.

A pack of corners provides the finishing touch with a container for plants. The corners simply sit on top of the two corner arena boards.The corners collapse for ease of storage.

Dimensions:- 650 mm (L) x 360 mm (W) x 300 mm (D).

Pack of 4 Corners is €170.00

Dressage Corner sets

A pack of corners provides the finishing touch with a container for plants. The corners simply sit on top of the two corner arena boards. The corners collapse for ease of storage.

A set of 4 corners is €130.00

Arena Corner Boxes.

Roping Posts

Roping posts are a great safe option for enclosing a dressage arena or games arena.

They are much safer than fence post and a lot easier for to put up .

They also look well around the field

They come in a pack of 24 in a carrier to keep them together.

the posts are 90 cm High ( 3′ )

The set of 24 posts is €195.00

The proper arena rope is 220 mtr long and is €40 per roll .

but any rope can be used.

Dressage Tower Markers.

Set of 8 is €290

set of 12 is €390

Dressage Markers for a 20 x 40 Arena (A B C E F H K M) and for a 20 X 60 Arena (A B C E F H K M P R S V).  The small Tower Markers
The  towers are maintenance free with no sharp edges and measure 68 cm high x 40 cm wide.

Complete with scratch-resistant lettering on all four sides (letters are 18 cm tall).
Durable, free standing and stackable, these towers are made in a polymer plastic. Fully portable yet lightweight, and very easy to set into position at your event.  When not in use these towers can be gently stacked together for storage and transportation.

Height 25cm, Width 33cm, 1.5kg each.