Pigeon Loft 12 x 8

At Abbeylawn garden Products we can build Pigeon Lofts and Poultry Enclosures to suit your specification.

Pigeon loft made to order .You Design We Manufacture.

pigeon loft for sale

12X8 pigeon loft made to order and supplied and fitted. .

We are a company based in Co. Wicklow and we manufacture a wide range of products including PIGEON LOFTS. We make to your specification as we know everybody has their own ideas on the best way to make a loft. We also do a range of nest boxes ,perches and traps etc.If you call to our yard you will see some samples on display.

We make all types of Hen Houses and Pens to order.

The pen in the Picture is 8′ x 6′ with door in to pen from shed.

The shed is also 8′ x 6′ and has  a nest box on the other side.

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Box Perches

12mm Plywood
15 Bird H53″xW32″ €70
20 Bird H53″xW43″ €90

Young Bird Slope Back Perches


Constructed from 18mm plywood ensures a good sturdy product

15 Bird Slope Perch

H 48” x  W 32” x D 8” for 15 birds cost €90

H 48” x W 43” x D 8” for 20 birds cost €100

Perches can be lifted off for easy cleaning

slope back perchs


Nest Boxes With Wire Mesh Fronts


Nest Boxes With Wire Mesh Fronts

This is another type of conventional Nest box

This has  a Wire Mesh front

The Standard box comes without the cleaning trays

The DELUX box has the pull out  cleaning tray


Standard set of 2 €85.00

set of 4 €130.00

Delux set of 2 €110.00

set of 4 €190.00

Conventional Nest Boxes

Delux sets of 4 Nest Boxes

Standard set of 4 Nest Boxes

Conventional Nest Boxes

The Delux Type nest boxes are Widowhood boxes

and come with Pull out Cleaning trays

Conventional Nest Boxes


set of 2 €110.00

set of 4 €195.00



Standard Type ( with no Cleaning Trays )



set of 2 €90.00

set of 4 €150.00

German Nest Boxes

set of 2 German Nest Boxes

German Nest Boxes

The German Nest Boxes are made with up and over fronts and have a sliding door built into the door .These can be flipped over to different positions .And can also be locked open

a set of 4 is H 62″ x W 24″ x D 20″


set of 2           €110.00

set of 4           €210.00


Young Bird Pipo Boxes

Young Bird Pipo Boxes

Young Bird Pipo Boxes

Standard Young Bird Pipo Boxes are good motivators for young birds racing

and are available in 8 and 10 bird options


8 Bird  €70.00

size H 46″ x W 24″ x D12″

10 Bird  €85.00

size H 58″ x W24″ x D 12″

ETS Traps for sale

Electronic Trapping SystemETS TRAPS

Trap and landing board are constructed from 18mm plywood.

The E T S plate slides into the box under the landing board.

So the bird is clocked the second he is in the loft.

Which can mean winning or losing a race.

Ets trap costs €110

Other sizes are available and made to order

ets traps for sale

ETS Trap open

The Ets trap has bob wires on the inside to stop the pigeons from coming back out.

We can also make different sizes in traps to suit an existing opening in a loft .

Other than the ets traps we also make other types of traps .

We also make all types of nest boxes and Perches ,Including german nest boxes ,conventional nest boxes and slope back perches for young birds.

for more details please ring me 0402 34703











Timber Vents for Pigeon Lofts


Timber Vents for Pigeon Lofts

Manufactured From Pressure treated Timber and made with 2×1 planed timber

These vents are ideal for getting air into pigeon lofts and other buildings

Normal size is 24″ wide and 18″ high ( we can make all sizes to order )

The vents are €30.00 each

Timber Floor Grills

Timber Floor Grills

All our floor grills are made to order so

We can manufacture any size or shape to fit your loft.

The Timber used in the floor grills is all pressure treated

and can be lifted up to clean under

So you will always have a clean floor to walk on

Timber Floor Grills