Pigeon Loft 12 x 8

At Abbeylawn garden Products we can build Pigeon Lofts and Poultry Enclosures to suit your specification.

You Design We Manufacture.


We are a company based in Co. Wicklow and we manufacture a wide range of products including PIGEON LOFTS. We make to your specification as we know everybody has their own ideas on the best way to make a loft. We also do a range of nest boxes ,perchs and traps etc.If you call to our yard you will see some samples on display.

We make all types of Hen Houses and Pens to order.

The pen in the Picture is 8′x6′ with door in to pen from shed.

The shed is also 8′x6′ and has  a nest box on the other side.

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Pigeon Lofts for sale Gallery

12x8 loft with corridor

12×8 loft with corridor.

12x8 loft with Full Length Flight.

12×8 loft with Full Length Flight..









 Pigeon lofts for sale.


 12x8 pigeon lofts side by side

12×8 pigeon lofts side by side.

16x8 Pigeon Loft

16×8 Pigeon Loft.









All types of pigeon lofts made to order. if you are after a new loft or extending your old loft .Abbeylawn can make exactly what you want .

18x8  Pigeon Loft with flights on front

18×8 Pigeon Loft with flights on front.

14 x 8 pigeon loft

14 x 8 pigeon loft.









This is just a selection of pigeon lofts for sale .These were all made to customers designs.

8x6 loft with ets trap

8×6 loft with ets trap.

8x6 loft with ets trap

8×6 loft with ets trap.









 We make all types and sizes of pigeon Loft to order.

L Shape pigeon loft with corridor

L Shape pigeon loft with corridor.

L Shape pigeon loft with corridor

L Shape pigeon loft with corridor.









18x8 pigeon loft full length flight

18×8 pigeon loft full length flight.

16x8 Pigeon Loft

16×6 Pigeon Loft.









Visit our yard and see the options that will suit you .We will make any pigeon loft to your requirements .The difference between our pigeon lofts and our competitors is ,Our buildings are Pigeon Lofts and theirs are garden sheds with a trap put on them .

16x6 Delux Pigeon Loft

16×6 Delux Pigeon Loft.


Abbeylawn have earned a great name for pigeon lofts in Ireland over the last few years . From Cork to Galway and Dublin and everywhere between .Our Lofts have been on display in the Pigeon show in Dublin for the last few years also .







14×8 deluxe pigeon lofts painted green




Painted Green with 2 ETS boxes and 2 VENTS






Floor grills fitted in Loft

Abbeylawn can make floor grills to suit any size loft

for more information and a price please ring us on 0402 34703





Abbeylawn can make inside corridors to our customers requirements .

We use a mix of timber ,wire mesh and also dowels if required

18×8 Pigeon Loft with flight

8x6 loft

12×6 double loft


18×8 Pigeon Loft

18×8 pigeon loft with double flight

18×8 Pigeon Loft

This loft has a double flight and 2 ETS traps



All lofts are made to order to your needs

12×8 Loft with Traps & Vents in Front



12×8 Loft with full length flight on the front

12×8 loft with Spudnic and ETS trap on the front

All our lofts are made to our customers specifations

12x8 pigeon loft

12×8 Pigeon Loft


This loft has an ETS trap and a Flight on the side

8×6 Hen House with Mesh Run

8x6 Hen house with wire mesh run on side

8×6 Hen House With 8×6 wire mesh run on the side

There is also a Nest box on the side

with a door to the outside for to get the eggs without having to go into the shed

We can make sheds and runs in a range of sizes and designs


This shed comes in different sizes and designed to suit where you are putting the shed
This is standard with window and a small door on side for the hens to go in and out
The hen house can also be built in a wire pen or run

3 x 3 mobile Hen Ark

This is the latest design in housing for about 4-6 hens in your back yard
The timber in the shed is pressure treated T&G timber with a wire mesh on the frame on the run. The shed is about 3′x3′ and the run is 6′ x3′
It comes partly assembled and is very easy put together or we can deliver and fit in your garden