The Tree house With optional slide

As with the majority of Abbeylawn’s Tree House and other  products The Children’s Playhouses and Swing’s etc., are made to order to customer’s precise specifications.

The legs and base of tree house is pressure treated. The glass in all our sheds is toughened safety glass. The floor of the tree house is normally fitted approx. 4ft off the ground subject to the level of the ground.

Starting with the standard size 6 x 6 Shed with 4′ varanda

We can also supply slides and swings all as 1 unit or you can add to your tree house at a later stage.

The Delux tree house is every child’s dream come true ,With some where to play inside and an adventure climbing and playing outside the shed and on the stairs . We can make the tree house in a wide range of sizes including the height and width and also the design can be changed also to suit your garden .We can also add on a slide and a set of swings with a monkey bar across the top .

We have a range of tree houses and other play-houses on display in our yard .If you call to see them you will get a better idea of what you want and the size