Is your Shed Covered by Home Insurance?

Your shed can be an easy target for burglars as they often contain valuable items such as bicycles, gardening equipment, tools, or even larger garden items such as lawnmowers, and strimmers. Security is often overlooked especially during the summer. Having Home Insurance is so important not just for covering your home, but for your shed and its contents also. Purchase Home Insurance by shopping around and find the best price suited to your budget with any of the top insurance brokers. Here are some tips to confirm whether your shed is covered by Home Insurance:

The types of Home Insurance Policies: 

Standard Home Insurance Policy:

This policy cover includes Fire, Storms, Flood, Theft, Water Damage, Vandalism, etc. There are additional benefits of this policy which include, cover for contents in the garden, contents in the outbuildings (sheds), full comprehensive accidental damage, loss of rent, and so much more. This policy is the most necessary policy to choose for protecting your home and outdoor buildings.

Contents Insurance Policy: 

This policy protects from damage, fire, or theft of your belongings clothes, books, tv, tools etc. You do not have to get cover for your contents, but it does help in case you needed help with your costs to replace any stolen items.


Is my Shed covered under my Home Insurance Policy? 

Yes, you are covered provided you have the standard home insurance policy which covers contents in the outbuildings located in the property i.e. sheds. It is important to check with the insurance provider that they have this included as some may vary and not have it included on the policy. If you have a bicycle stored in your shed or items like lawnmowers, etc some insurance providers may also ask you to take out additional cover for these more expensive items.

Read your policy 

Reading your home insurance policy is important even the small print. If there is something you do not understand contact your insurance company straight away.

Check the Types of contents you are storing away 

There are many items that should not be stored away in your garden shed. Find out what items are covered by your policy from your insurance company. For example, lawn mowers and garden tools are items that would be kept in a shed rather than clothes or personal belongings. These items could get damaged from insects, moisture or humidity and your insurance will not cover this.

Know your limits and what is covered 

Under the standard home insurance policy, sheds are generally covered and there is not usually a max pay out the limit for insurance if you need to make a claim. You are usually covered for theft under the contents on your insurance policy for the items stored in the shed. For theft, on outbuildings, most content policies have a maximum limit. Find out the maximum limit from your insurance brokers as it can vary in price. Read the small print on your policy and check with your insurer if you need any additional cover.



Tips on how to protect your shed and its contents? 

It’s important to take the time to do checks and make the changes to your shed if they are needed.
  • Invest in a good locking system 

Invest in good quality locks like a padlock bar. They should be used on both windows and doors if they are needed. This should keep your shed and contents safe and deter thieves away. If you own a bicycle and it is stored in your shed a lock should be fitted to this also.
  • Fit an alarm system 

Set up a shed alarm they can be bought in any DIY store. They are easy to set up and are keypad operated. Set the alarm going in and out of the shed.
  • Invest in security lighting 

Fit a sensor light in your garden near the shed this should deter thieves by illuminating your garden, especially at night.
  • Maintain your shed 

Maintaining your shed is important. If you have any rotten doors or windows frames replace them all. Set up window locks as stated above. Make regular inspections especially during the winter during damp weather. If you do not want people to know what you store in your shed put up curtains or netting on the windows.
  • Store away all garden valuables 

Do not leave your bicycle, lawnmower, or any garden items lying around outside store them back into your shed if they are not needed. If they are stolen and not stored away in your shed, you may not be covered by your policy for theft.
No matter what insurance policy you have some things should not be stored in your shed especially if they are expensive items. Invest in the full insurance policy for your shed it really is the best option and solution for you.

The Best Types of Sheds Available in Ireland


With so many different sheds on the market it can tricky to choose the right one. Here I am going to discuss some useful information that will help you choose the perfect option for your specific needs. Some of the sheds in Ireland that are available on the market are Timber, Steel, Wood effect steel, quality tidy garden sheds, and Wheelie bin cover sheds. They have multiple uses including storage of any household items, garden equipment, DIY hardware equipment, and much more. It is important though to have a look around and consider the type, sizes and style of shed that you want before you go out and buy it.


What are the best Timber Sheds?

Here I have rounded up the most popular Timber sheds on the market. They will list as the following, Standard Rustic, Budget light Rustic, Deluxe Felt, Pressure treated rustic, Barrel boarded, and pressure treated weather board, Rustic Lodge, and much more. The standard rustic shed would be made from native timber and side frames and the boards come thick for the floor and the roof. The boards on the outside overlap each other. The deluxe felt timber is made from Kiln dried pine timber. The barrel board and pressure treated is made from Kiln dried timber and is also pressure treated. The Rustic lodge shed is made from the native Sawn Timber, the side sheeting of this overlaps each other. The pressure treated timber sheds will stop the dampness inside.

What are the best Steel Sheds?

The steel shed has seen many advances and there are many types of different options to choose from and here I am going list and explain of the best steel sheds there are on the market. there are the Timber framed steel shed, standard steel, and the insulated steel shed. The timber framed steel shed would be the best quality you could buy as the outside has steel maintenance finish and the inside has the strength of the timber. It is also being free from dampness due to the type of build it is. The big advantage of this type is that they can be assembled on concrete blocks and come complete with pressure treated timber floor that will last a life-time. The insulated steel sheds would be a lot better then the standard ones as they would be made from higher grade material and they would be a bit more expensive to buy.

Wood Effect Steel Sheds

Many people will value the wood effect steel sheds as they are maintenance free. So, if its high-quality and no work needed to be done on your shed then this is the perfect option for you. This type of shed will look fantastic in your garden and comes in many different sizes as standard it just depends on what size of garden you that you have available. The look of the shed is usually the wood will overlap each other on all sides and it is tough, durable and should last a lifetime. You can also have your shed made with a double layer of steel and insulation added to it which should keep everything dry inside. You can add the type of door or window that you may like. The pricing on this type is generally priced well, but it all depends on what features you would want.

Quality Tidy Garden Sheds & Wheelie Bin Cover Sheds

Tidy garden sheds are the perfect solution for your home or garden. They are designed compact and functional to fit even the smallest of gardens with limited space. They can be made in different heights and sizes that would suit specific needs. They are great for use in gardens, allotments, and any additional outside storage for your home. Recommended tidy sheds would be the deluxe model with a rustic finish as this will cause no dampness inside. Bins outside a house can be quite an eye-sore but with the wheelie bin cover sheds, they are a very attractive way of hiding them from view. They will also keep the bins secure from the wind knocking them over. They are very easy to use just by lifting the lid on the shed to get into your bin. They can come in many different sizes depending on how many units you would want and most of the timber used is pressure treated to make it last a lifetime.
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